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Turtles_ love and pets

Pets are a very important part of a kid's life, approximately the 87% of houses in the States does have at least one animal as a pet and even when that number is referring to the whole pet issue, and is only about United States of America, that percentage is a directional proportion to rise as time passes. How to Take Care of Painted Turtle A dog or a cat is a very pleasant company, one is the best friend of a kid and the other is more of a house ruler, birds are very cute (and loud) and don't need that much time, but there are kids and grownups that really need something different.


As not everyone lives in a big house, or have time for taking care of a pet, here is one option that is aesthetic (so it can be shown as house decor), small (so it can be even in rooms, let alone apartments), are known to be the living example of a long life (since they live more than 100 years) and won’t ever cause allergies: the turtles. Map turtles, wood turtle, mud turtle, painted turtle and chicken turtle are the most adapted reptile species to be kept as pets and the numbers are getting on and on for being the answer for allergic children calling for a pet, also they can perfectly live in an apartment or any reduced space because they only need a tank with access to water for swimming, a dry place for basking and food with all its vitamins and substrates. They also won’t take a lot of time since they only need to be fed once a day and do the maintenance of the water about once a week too, also, if the Zoo Med Wipe Out Cleaner, cleaning the tank will be even easier. They are totally friendly and won’t bite nor fight anyone who tries to touch them, all though females do tend to be a bit dominant among each other. They, also, won’t grow more than 10 inches (as huge) and will get there very slowly.


As for, they need to have a good environment condition if they are wanted to live as much. For creating a healthy environment, choosing Fluker’s Castle Crib Reptile Basking Platform and the Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot Lamp will solve any light issue, being complimented for each other, it is only needed to choose the location of the tank depending on where is going to be the lamp to keep the turtle comfortable. How to Take Care of Box Turtle. As for water, heat or cold, just like humans, can affect the turtles, so the Exo Terra Thermometer or the Zoo Med Economy Analog Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge  will make an owner’s life easier and the Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner will prevent the turtle to get infected by any bacteria even humans are exposed to.


Beside the fact that turtles actually suffers health issues very seldom, with these products, the few work a turtle need, will be even less and faster than ever before. Turtles will always be there as the best option for anyone with allergies, too scared of any other being that ain't human or space issues, also is perfect for those who work all day for they are very easy to maintain happiness, and by the way, keep a kid or anyone in seek of some quiet-kind company happy too.


More Power and Energy

A battery is a battery. Some batteries are prettier than others (just sayin'). But what really makes a battery is its performance. earthCell batteries are far superior to your typical landfill batteries in providing power and energy to your devices.
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With earthCells, camera flashes recharge faster...flashlights shine brighter...your battery-powered devices simply run better. And since earthCells pack more energy into these little cans of chemicals, your devices will last longer too. This means you change your batteries less frequently.

How earthCells Work

Use. Charge. Repeat. (very simple!)


Use them. They last longer than you're used to with landfill batteries.

Charge them... It's easier than charging a phone.

Use them again.

Charge them again.

Use them again.

You get the idea. :)

Cost-Benefit Analysis


This is a cost-benefit that can easily be done with mental math. How much do you think you spend on batteries a year? (hint, it's more than you think. The US average is $30 per year per household). If you spend $30 on some earthCells and a charger, the average household will break even in one year. Then, every year after that, you will save $30. Over and over again. A bunch of times. That is, each year. Repeatedly. Okay, I'll stop. But the point is if you keep your earthCells working for you, for say ten additional years, you'll save $300!!

(N.B. If you were to live to be several hundred years old, earthCells could save you THOUSANDS. We're talking heirlooms heirlooms.)

The Trifecta

No Waste

By reusing your earthCells over and over again, you can nearly eliminate your battery waste. Because one earthCell can be used almost indefinitely, you'll likely never need to replace your batteries again. You owe it to EARTH to help eliminate toxic battery waste from our landfills! ;)

More Energy

Let's face it. A good battery is one you never see. We put batteries into their little beds, and we want them to stay there forever. earthCells don't last forever (or do they?!), but they do last longer than your traditional landfill batteries. This means fewer annoying dead battery moments and more enjoying your devices.

Less Money

The cost of owning earthCells is much lower than the cost of buying and landfilling traditional batteries. At a buck a piece, landfill batteries seriously add up. The average household spends $30 a year on batteries (even though they don't know it!)...earthCells will pay you back within a year and keep saving you moolah for many years to come. (we're talking benjamins.)



Seriously, buying earthCells is a no-brainer from a bunch of angles. It's time for us to wrap this up.



Many years from now, in a time far far away, you may wish to dispose of your earthCell batteries. If this ever happens, we've got you covered.

earthCells will never make it into a landfill if you don't let them. There are tens of thousands of locations all around the US that will take earthCells and recycle them for their valuable metals.

Click here to find the recycling location nearest you.

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