Granny video game for PC, free download

The subsequent continuation, of the now set of three series, essentially named Granny 3, was delivered for Android on June 3, 2021.

Granny and Grandpa’s home has now extended to a significantly bigger property, a Mansion, with considerably more troublesome obstructions and risks, for example, a canal containing a horrendous animal, another main adversary, and a component of new weapons. This game beginnings with a cutscene that shows the player breaking into a house door. The door locks after the player breaks in. Before long, Grandpa shows up, shooting the player with his new shotgun weapon, which then, at that point begins the game. Visit for more details.

Like Granny and Granny 2, the player has alternatives in the menu to change hardships and pick which adversary to look during ongoing interaction just as picking various modes. The player gets five days to get away from the chateau, very much like the initial two games. The player should confront numerous troublesome obstructions to accumulate keys and different items to get away. This game is unique in relation to the initial two games, notwithstanding, in light of the fact that not exclusively is Granny and Grandpa both chasing the player, yet Slendrina, from the Slendrina series, is too, making the game significantly harder to beat.

Granny is as yet the exemplary enemy from the series just as Grandpa, just Grandpa presently has a run weapon, a shotgun, making the game essentially harder as he can harm the player from a good ways. In spite of the fact that Slendrina has no chance of harming the player like Granny and Grandpa, she can cripple the player by just having the player take a gander at her until they turn away. Right now, the player just has one alternative in the game to get away from which is the front door.

Because of Apple’s approach, Granny 3 is right now not accessible on iOS and Apple gadgets as the Apple organization considers the game a “spam” and it is excessively like the other Granny games, as referenced by DVloper on Twitter[11]. Tragically, as of June 2021, DVloper additionally referenced that check of the Granny 3 won’t ever be endorsed, indeed, because of Apple’s arrangement.

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