Bose Connect – Play Music On Two Bose Headphones

In the event that you own one of the most recent Bose Bluetooth Devices, you will adore Bose “Offer Music”. Presently you can pay attention to music on your iPhone with two Bose Bluetooth earphones or different other Bose Bluetooth items. All you need is to download Bose Connect app and viable earphones.

Get “Bose Connect”

To completely utilize this element you need to download the application Bose Connect. It is accessible for nothing in the App Store.

Bose “Music Share”

The Bose “Music Share” include is helpful when you need to impart music to a companion and pay attention to it simultaneously or when you fly some place with your accomplice or companion. Then, at that point you can watch a film on your iPhone or iPad together. You can likewise utilize it at the exercise center to pay attention to your exercise playlist or in open transportation for amusement.

Associate two Bose earphones with one iPhone

Open “Bose Connect” on your iPhone and ensure that the Bose Bluetooth earphones are in reach of the iPhone (max. 30ft). In the event that you can’t see the earphones inside the Bose Connect application, betray.

To interface Bose earphones to the iPhone just actuate Bluetooth on your iPhone and switch on the Bose earphones. They should now show up in your Bluetooth (“Settings” → “Bluetooth”) and once you tap on them in your rundown, they ought to associate.

On the off chance that there are numerous Bluetooth earphones in range, you can utilize the “Music Share” catch to interface a second pair of earphones.

Interfacing two earphones with one iPhone

Viable Bose earphones

Only one out of every odd pair of earphones is reasonable for this component. Right now (June 2018) the “Music Share” work, that we present beneath, is viable with the accompanying Bose headsets.

The connections are sending you to or, so you can likewise purchase your own Bose earphones!

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