Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa App for PC

The design of the Echo Dot 2020 is a sphere, being a new design, it is covered with mesh, like the other models so far, and its design is quite similar to that of the HomePod Mini from Apple. It is available in 3 different colors, white, black and light blue. It is suitable even for a small space because being a small device it will not take up much space.

amazon echo and amazon alexa app for pc

He is equipped with Alexa who will do everything he did until now, that is, he will answer the questions you will ask him, he will control other devices in the house, he will monitor the house in case of burglaries and others. In this sense, the speaker has not been changed, but many functions have been added for better flexibility and one of them is the control over a PC app. Visit for the Amazon Alexa app for PC.

But the change depends on the sound quality. It is 1.6 inches, which means it is more powerful than the third-generation 1.1 inches. In order to have a broader overall picture in terms of sound, the Echo Dot 2020 at 90% volume is equal to the maximum volume of the 3rd generation Echo Dot. The bass has never been strong on Echo devices, so it’s not on this new model either. Echo Dot 2020 is not suitable for holding the speakerphone, because it does not have such a good sound quality, but it is enough to occasionally listen to music because the device focuses on its other functions. But compared to the 2018 model, the sound has been improved, the design is new, and is suitable for controlling other smart devices in the house, especially since it has a low price. If you want better sound quality, you can opt for the $ 100 Echo, which is better than a Dot.

For the most part, it’s just like any other smart speaker from Amazon, it has the same Alexa controls, the same colors.

That being said, the Echo Dot 2020 has some improvements over the 3rd generation that was released in 2018, only the sound isn’t as good as a speaker, it focuses more on its features, so if you want quality good sound you will have to look at a speaker.

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