Last weekend, Phasmophobia engineer Kinetic Games held a Q&A meeting with fans on Discord. Their reactions yielded a gander at what they need for the game later on. They covered themes like forthcoming highlights and augmentations, as new apparitions and resources, just as bigger achievement discharges. On the off chance that you have been getting a charge out of Phasmophobia or are searching for somewhat more from it, you may discover a portion of their arrangements important to you. Kinetic Games shared a short recap of a portion of the things they discussed.

The phantoms are the focal point of Phasmophobia. Quite possibly the main part of the game is figuring out what sort of phantom you and your colleagues are managing, of which there are at present fourteen various types. Dynamic Games are anticipating adding more sorts of apparitions not too far off and with the new bits of proof to go with them. This appears to risk growing prospects in the game, while not really making it any more profound. Dynamic Games additionally referenced that they have no designs for some other game modes or mod help. They say that “Phasmophobia is and consistently will be: a community phantom chasing game”, so don’t anticipate that they should move on that.

While Phasmophobia is as yet in early access, the engineers do plan to port the game to consoles, ideally when it formally delivers. They are likewise wanting to patch up the VR system to work with fresher headsets and take into consideration a situated VR mode. Phasmophobia is out now on early access for PC.

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