Jay-Z, Sequoia WILL START InvestING in Rent-to-Own Startups

Rapper Jay-Z and entertainer Will Smith are among financial backers in a $220-million raising support round for a startup that assists leaseholders with building credit to quick track homeownership in the US. Read more info at renttoownhomes.house.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Will Smith’s Dreamers VC will contribute close by Silicon Valley heavyweight Sequoia Capital in Landis Technologies—a fintech fire up that takes into account, would-be property holders.

Sequoia has put right off the bat in a few of the world’s most renowned tech organizations including Apple, Google, YouTube, Oracle, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Airbnb.

Landis organizers Cyril Berdugo and Tom Petit said the thought for the organization came in the wake of seeing tenants losing cash by paying more each month to live in a home where, in light of its worth, a home loan would be less expensive.

“What makes Landis special is our capacity to mentor anybody to homeownership,” Berdugo said.

“This new subsidizing will permit us to help more Americans on their way to homeownership by growing to new states, recruiting ability cross country, and giving a superior encounter to our customers and accomplice specialists and moneylenders.”

Landis’ customers, generally leaseholders, are regularly first-time homebuyers with a financial plan somewhere in the range of $150,000 and $550,000. The organization buys a house and leases it to the customer until they can meet all requirements for a home loan.

Its customers can repurchase the property at a foreordained cost as long as two years after the underlying obtaining.

Top 6 Apps LIKE Tubi TV for Samsung Smart TV (For Android TV and Firestick)

Top 6 Apps for Samsung Smart TV (For Android TV and Firestick)

On the off chance that you have chosen to quit utilizing the link association and begin utilizing the online applications to investigate diversion on your Samsung TV. Then, at that point, I’ve added the best Samsung savvy television applications for both Android TV and Firestick clients. Read more at tubitvpc.com.

Here, I’m not adding obscure applications. You can discover them on the web, play store, Samsung application store, or different stores. This load of administrations is free, adaptable, viable, secure, and safe.

Is it true that you are a rope shaper? Attempt this rundown of free android applications for your Samsung Smart TV that will open you to watch films, network programs, and live channels without membership. Appreciate limitless amusement content on your Samsung TV with a decent web association.

What are the Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2021?

In this rundown, you’ll track down the best applications for Android and Firestick-based Samsung TVs. The majority of them are free ones, few might cost you a couple of bucks. We should dive into the accompanying rundown.

It is absurd to expect to put Tubi TV in other than the first spot when we are discussing the best Samsung applications. With Tubi TV, you can find a great many motion pictures, TV shows for totally free. In addition, it is a 100% lawful help. No other lawful assistance gives you premium substance to free however it can do.

Try not to like advertisements? Become an ally and partake in The Good Men Project advertisement free

Tubi TV is additionally appropriate for premium clients as it can offer substance with no promotions. To appreciate premium highlights, you need to buy in, and great.

Enlight Videoleap Video Editor crashes

Enlight Videoleap Video Editor continues to crash and you don’t have the foggiest idea why? Then, at that point discover here what you can do if Enlight Videoleap Video Editor continues to crash. Visit VideoleapfForPc.com for more details.

Over and over there is the message that various applications crash. The reasons can not be more extraordinary thus it is the obligation of the application designer to keep away from crashes for some issues. On account of Enlight Videoleap Video Editor issues the engineer group Lightricks Ltd guarantees that the application doesn’t generally vanish or restart all alone.

Enlight Videoleap Video Editor consistently crashes

With pretty much every application, it is more than irritating in the event that it generally crashes. In any case, what would you be able to do explicitly at Enlight Videoleap Video Editor so it will work later on.

What to do if Enlight Videoleap Video Editor crashes?

As referenced a few times, it is essentially the obligation of the engineer to keep crashes from Enlight Videoleap Video Editor. However, it’s anything but consistently in light of the fact that the application was inadequately modified or the engineer is at fault. Eventually, the application just works easily in blend with the working framework. For instance, it tends to be because of the iOS working framework for Apple gadgets or the Android working framework for Android gadgets, which can cause crashes in some applications.

Along these lines, it is constantly prescribed to take the accompanying fundamental measures to keep away from crashes:

Introduce the most recent iOS or Android form

Check Enlight Videoleap Video Editor for updates and update if fundamental

Restart cell phone or tablet totally

Uninstall and reinstall Enlight Videoleap Video Editor

These actions can be utilized to address numerous Enlight Videoleap Video Editor issues ahead of time.

Granny video game for PC, free download

The subsequent continuation, of the now set of three series, essentially named Granny 3, was delivered for Android on June 3, 2021.

Granny and Grandpa’s home has now extended to a significantly bigger property, a Mansion, with considerably more troublesome obstructions and risks, for example, a canal containing a horrendous animal, another main adversary, and a component of new weapons. This game beginnings with a cutscene that shows the player breaking into a house door. The door locks after the player breaks in. Before long, Grandpa shows up, shooting the player with his new shotgun weapon, which then, at that point begins the game. Visit Grannypc.com for more details.

Like Granny and Granny 2, the player has alternatives in the menu to change hardships and pick which adversary to look during ongoing interaction just as picking various modes. The player gets five days to get away from the chateau, very much like the initial two games. The player should confront numerous troublesome obstructions to accumulate keys and different items to get away. This game is unique in relation to the initial two games, notwithstanding, in light of the fact that not exclusively is Granny and Grandpa both chasing the player, yet Slendrina, from the Slendrina series, is too, making the game significantly harder to beat.

Granny is as yet the exemplary enemy from the series just as Grandpa, just Grandpa presently has a run weapon, a shotgun, making the game essentially harder as he can harm the player from a good ways. In spite of the fact that Slendrina has no chance of harming the player like Granny and Grandpa, she can cripple the player by just having the player take a gander at her until they turn away. Right now, the player just has one alternative in the game to get away from which is the front door.

Because of Apple’s approach, Granny 3 is right now not accessible on iOS and Apple gadgets as the Apple organization considers the game a “spam” and it is excessively like the other Granny games, as referenced by DVloper on Twitter[11]. Tragically, as of June 2021, DVloper additionally referenced that check of the Granny 3 won’t ever be endorsed, indeed, because of Apple’s arrangement.

Geeni App For PC Download (Windows 10)

Download Geeni App For PC, Here I share the interaction to download, introduce and utilize this application on your Windows 7, 8, 10 PC. Visit geeniappforpc.com for the latest version.

Geeni is a keen home gadgets regulator application created and dispatched by Merkury Innovations. At present, this application is accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App store with an aggregate of 10 Million+ downloads.

Presently there is no authority rendition of this application accessible on the windows or macintosh store so to utilize the Geeni App on pc we need an android emulator.

Later in this article, I cover an aggregate of two establishment techniques for this application on our windows and macintosh PCs.

With the assistance of this application, you can handle every one of your geeni empower savvy gadgets from your cell phone.

It is easy to utilize this application and you can likewise control it with Amazon reverberation from where you are.

The Geeni PC App is viable with all the geeni-empowered gadgets, and you can handle every one of them in one application.

Likewise, you can add your relatives to this application to furnish them with restricted command over every one of the brilliant gadgets.

Presently the issue with this application is that there is no authority variant of this application that was produced for PC clients.

At present, this application is just accessible for android and ios clients so in the event that we need to utilize the Geeni App on pc we should require an android or ios emulator.

So presently how about we see the total bit by bit establishment interaction of this application on our windows and macintosh PC.

It could be conceivable that you get a blunder while downloading the Geeni application from the play store.

So here in this strategy, we are going to utilize the apk record of this savvy home application and introduce it on the emulator.

KRNL scripts: What is DLL Injection and how could it be utilized for switching?

What is DLL Injection and how could it be utilized for switching?

To grow to some degree, I regularly use DLL infusion with regards to driving a current interaction to stack a DLL through CreateRemoteThread. See krnldownload.com. From that point, the passage point of the DLL will be executed by the working framework whenever it is stacked. In the section point, I will then, at that point conjure a standard that acts in-memory fixing of the entirety of the areas inside the first twofold that interest me and sidetracks their execution into my DLL by means of an assortment of alterations. On the off chance that I am keen on adjusting or noticing the cycle’s cooperation with some imported capacity, then, at that point, I will overwrite the IAT (Import Address Table) passage for that capacity and supplant it with a pointer to something that I control. In the event that I need to do likewise concerning some capacity that exists inside the parallel, I will make a type of diversions style fix toward the start of the capacity. I can even do extremely careful and designated snares at discretionary areas, likened to old-school byte fixing. My DLL does its business inside the individual snares and afterward is customized to divert control back to the first interaction.

DLL infusion gives a stage to control the execution of a running interaction. It’s normally utilized for logging data while figuring it out. For instance, you can snare the IAT section for a given imported working framework library capacity, and afterward, log the capacity contentions onto a plate. This gives you an information source that can aid quickly figuring out the objective.

DLL infusion isn’t restricted to logging, however. Given the way that you have a free rule to execute whatever code that you need inside the interaction’s location space, you can change the program in any capacity that you pick. This procedure is much of the time utilized inside the game hacking world to code bots.

Anything that you could do with byte fixing, you can do with DLL infusion. But DLL infusion will likely be simpler and quicker, in light of the fact that you will code your patches in C rather than low-level computing construct and don’t need to work over making manual adjustments to the parallel and its PE structure, discovering code caves, and so forth DLL infusion primarily takes out the requirement for utilizing low-level computing construct while making changes to a double; the lone low-level computing construct required will be little bits of code close by the passage and exit to a specific snare to save and reestablish the upsides of registers/the banners. It likewise makes paired change quick and straightforward and doesn’t adjust the cryptographic marks of the executable that you are fixing. (The remark about cryptographic marks applies to the executable on the circle, not in memory; obviously, modifying the substance in memory would influence a cryptographic mark processed on the adjusted memory substance.)

DLL infusion can be utilized to tackle profoundly non-insignificant figuring out issues. The accompanying model is essentially ambiguous in certain regards due to non-divulgence arrangements.

I had a common interest in a program that was refreshed every now and again (now and then on different occasions day by day). The program had various segments in it that were scrambled on the circle after assemblage time and must be unscrambled at run-time. The product incorporated a portioning module that played out the run-time encryption/unscrambling. To demand encryption or unscrambling of a given segment, the program delivered with a DLL that sent out a capacity that took as contentions the quantity of the part and a Boolean that showed whether the segment ought to be scrambled or decoded. The entirety of the segments was carefully marked.

I utilized a DLL infusion based arrangement that filled in as follows:

Make the interaction suspended.

Infuse the DLL.

DLL snares GetProcAddress in the program’s IAT.

GetProcAddress snare trusts that a particular string will be provided and afterward returns its own snared rendition of that capacity.

The snared work examines the return address on the stack two builds out to sort out the beginning location of the capacity (call it Func) that called it.

The snared work then, at that point calls Func for each encoded segment, training it to decode each part. To make this work, the snared work needs to give the calls to the legitimate capacity in the DLL for these calls.

In the wake of having done as such, for each resulting call to the snared work, it just returns 1 like the call was effective.

Having unscrambled every one of the segments, the DLL presently dumps the cycle’s picture onto the circle and remakes the import data.

From that point onward, it does a lot of other stuff killing different securities.

At first, I was doing the entirety of this by hand for each new form. That was excessively monotonous. When I coded the DLL infusion variant, I never needed to attempt that considerable and manual work until kingdom come.

DLL infusion isn’t generally known or utilized inside figuring out outside of game hacking. This is tragic in light of the fact that it is a very incredible, adaptable, and basic method that ought to be essential for everybody’s collection. I have utilized it on many occasions and it appears to discover a job in the entirety of my dynamic tasks. The second my assignment turns out to be too bulky to even think about doing with a debugger script, I change to DLL infusion.


Last weekend, Phasmophobia engineer Kinetic Games held a Q&A meeting with fans on Discord. Their reactions yielded a gander at what they need for the game later on. They covered themes like forthcoming highlights and augmentations, as new apparitions and resources, just as bigger achievement discharges. On the off chance that you have been getting a charge out of Phasmophobia or are searching for somewhat more from it, you may discover a portion of their arrangements important to you. Kinetic Games shared a short recap of a portion of the things they discussed.

The phantoms are the focal point of Phasmophobia. Quite possibly the main part of the game is figuring out what sort of phantom you and your colleagues are managing, of which there are at present fourteen various types. Dynamic Games are anticipating adding more sorts of apparitions not too far off and with the new bits of proof to go with them. This appears to risk growing prospects in the game, while not really making it any more profound. Dynamic Games additionally referenced that they have no designs for some other game modes or mod help. They say that “Phasmophobia is and consistently will be: a community phantom chasing game”, so don’t anticipate that they should move on that.

While Phasmophobia is as yet in early access, the engineers do plan to port the game to consoles, ideally when it formally delivers. They are likewise wanting to patch up the VR system to work with fresher headsets and take into consideration a situated VR mode. Phasmophobia is out now on early access for PC.

Bose Connect – Play Music On Two Bose Headphones

In the event that you own one of the most recent Bose Bluetooth Devices, you will adore Bose “Offer Music”. Presently you can pay attention to music on your iPhone with two Bose Bluetooth earphones or different other Bose Bluetooth items. All you need is to download Bose Connect app and viable earphones.

Get “Bose Connect”

To completely utilize this element you need to download the application Bose Connect. It is accessible for nothing in the App Store.

Bose “Music Share”

The Bose “Music Share” include is helpful when you need to impart music to a companion and pay attention to it simultaneously or when you fly some place with your accomplice or companion. Then, at that point you can watch a film on your iPhone or iPad together. You can likewise utilize it at the exercise center to pay attention to your exercise playlist or in open transportation for amusement.

Associate two Bose earphones with one iPhone

Open “Bose Connect” on your iPhone and ensure that the Bose Bluetooth earphones are in reach of the iPhone (max. 30ft). In the event that you can’t see the earphones inside the Bose Connect application, betray.

To interface Bose earphones to the iPhone just actuate Bluetooth on your iPhone and switch on the Bose earphones. They should now show up in your Bluetooth (“Settings” → “Bluetooth”) and once you tap on them in your rundown, they ought to associate.

On the off chance that there are numerous Bluetooth earphones in range, you can utilize the “Music Share” catch to interface a second pair of earphones.

Interfacing two earphones with one iPhone

Viable Bose earphones

Only one out of every odd pair of earphones is reasonable for this component. Right now (June 2018) the “Music Share” work, that we present beneath, is viable with the accompanying Bose headsets.

The connections are sending you to Amazon.com or Bose.com, so you can likewise purchase your own Bose earphones!

Step by step instructions to watch Black Widow on the web: stream the new Marvel film on Disney Plus app for PC

The aftermath of Covid-19 could just stop our MCU superheroes for such a long time. After a deferral of over a year comes the exceptionally expected Black Widow on July ninth, an independent film investigating Natasha Romanoff’s dull past. Simultaneous with a dramatic delivery, we disclose how to watch Black Widow online with a Disney Plus membership and once Premier Access charge of $29.99.

Occurring between the occasions of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, we discover ex-KGB specialist Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) in self-inflicted oust in Norway. She’s before long found by individual Widow and proxy sister Yelena (Florence Pugh), who demands her assistance in destroying the Black Widow program that transformed them both into lethal professional killers. Visit disneyplusapppc.com for more info.

In the process they’re brought together with their new parents: Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), a covert agent and presently one of the Red Room’s top researchers, and super-officer Alexei Shostakov (David Harbor). They’re additionally compelled to face Dreykov, supervisor of the Black Widow program, and the relentless scalawag Taskmaster. Prompt some touchy activity – specifically a scene where Taskmaster hurdles down the road in a tank in a quest for the quibbling pseudo-kin.

Coordinated by Cate Shortland from a screenplay by Eric Pearson (Thor: Ragnarok), Black Widow gives a grittier, more grounded tone than past Marvel highlights, while as yet conveying the stunning scenery and heart-halting feeling you’ve generally expected from the MCU.

Prepared to jump into Black Widow’s dim past? Then, at that point read on as we disclose how to watch Black Widow online with Disney Plus Premier Access.

Genshin Impact for PC reached almost $ 250 million in the first month

Officially released on September 28, 2020, GenshinImpactPc.com is already one of the most profitable games in history, just over a month after its launch.

The global blockbuster Genshin Impact for PC developed by miHoYo has accumulated $ 245 million from in-game purchases made by players in the first month, making it one of the largest mobile game launches in history, according to estimates from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, an entity specialized in such statistics.

In its first week, the title accumulated about $ 60 million and never slowed down. Not just a highly successful launch, Genshin Impact has been the largest revenue generator globally on the App Store and Google Play since its launch, topping the charts with Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile, Pokémon GO, and Monster Strike.

Official data provided by Sensor Tower
The first month since its release surpasses titles such as Lineage 2: Revolution from Netmarble and Lineage M from NCSoft, quite popular and well-known games, which had record launches on mobile only in South Korea. It is also at the forefront of other notable global releases, such as Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes, which grossed $ 70 million in the first month, while Epic Games’ Fortnite grossed $ 25 million in the first. 30 days.

Data provided by Sensor Tower says that Genshin Impact is the largest mobile RPG launch in the United States to date, accumulating revenue of $ 45 million in the first 30 days in this market. It is ahead of Fire Emblem Heroes, on the 2nd place, with over 13 million dollars, and The Seven Deadly Sins from Netmarble, on the 3rd place, with almost 10 million dollars.

China is the largest market for Genshin Impact, currently generating over $ 82 million or 33.5% of total revenue so far. Outside of China, the stock rose nearly $ 163 million or 66.5 percent of total revenue. Japan ranks 2nd with almost $ 59 million or 24%, while the US completes the top three with almost $ 45 million or 18.3%.

Genshin Impact is a free title that can be played cross-play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS or PC.